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Corona Virus/COVID-19

COVID-19, CORONAVIRUS AND ACUTE RESPIRATORY DISTRESS SYNDROME took millions of our loved ones and continues to kill thousands every day. While many will suffer a minor viral infection, tens of thousands will end up hospitalized with COVID-19, struggling to breathe. All Patients with Critical COVID-19, in the ICU, have Acute Respiratory Distress (ARDS), leaving them struggling to breathe, and at greater risk of death. Currently, there are no approved medicines for Critical COVID-19 patients suffering with respiratory failure, leaving physicians with the need for new medicines to help them bring those suffering the worst of COVID-19, an easier and healthier breath.

NRx is committed to finding new ways to help COVID-19 patients suffering respiratory failure regain their health, leave the hospital and get back to their families sooner. NRx is developing medicines, which we hope will treat severe and Critical COVID-19.