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CEO Update: Aviptadil & patents for VIP

Every day at NRx we get a variety of questions about our science, business, and other aspects of our work. This CEO Update concerns aviptadil and questions about patents for this peptide. 
Q: What’s the difference between aviptadil and VIP?
A:  VIP stands for vasoactive intestinal peptide.  It is made in specialized cells like insulin. Aviptadil is the name for synthetic VIP, which is made in a factory.  It is also a United States Adopted Name (USAN) filed by NRx Pharmaceuticals to denote the ingredient in ZYESAMI™.
Q: Who owns the patent to aviptadil?
A:  There is no known patent to aviptadil, just like there is no known patent to insulin.  A patent is active and covers certain formulations of aviptadil prepared in a buffer. Dr. Sami Said (1928-2013) was issued multiple patents for various uses of Aviptadil which expired around the year 2000.